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Sunday, December 27, 2015


          To the new era world, “Fusion” already be a part of common sense material to improve the story of anime. It make the story of anime more interested and fun.  Now already have a lot of anime come with Fusion Activity like Digimon, Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh. Their are a more popular anime. Because of Fusion, the story of anime will be more attractive and always have a surprise to the audiences so we will always have a passion to continue read and watch the anime. But now, Pokemon Monsters also be a target for the creator or fans for Fusion. The interesting thing to create the Pokemon Fusion gets a lot more real with some wicked fan art.

Digimon Fusion Type:
- Fusion with 2 type of Digimon.
- Digimon fusion with human/partner.
- Human can Spirit Evolution to be Digimon to fight and so on.
WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon Fusion to Omnimon

Takuya Spirit Evolution
Takuya Spirit Evolution Fusion

Dragon Ball Fusion:
- It available for 2 character to fusion.
Like: Goku and Vegeta, Goten and Trunks.
Goku and Vegeta Fusion
Goku and Vegeta Fusion

Goten and Trunks Fusion Dance
Goten and Trunks Fusion Dance

 Goten and Trunks Fusion

- Monster Card Fusion.

YuGiOh Fusion Set
Time Wizard and Baby Dragon Fusion

          Fusion or combinations turned out to be pretty cool and cute in sprite form. When Pokemon XY introduced with start the Mega Evolution, a lot of gamers were wondering what the next step of evolution would be. Why not Pokemon fusion? You can already breed Pokemon to get the best version of a single type. The next logical step would be to breed two different kinds of Pokemon together in order to mix and match, and finally customize your own Pokemon dream team. Pokemon Fusion will make the pokemon more strong and will utilizes the power of joining to create a new ability for fighting. If those fusions looked anything like what these fan artists have come up with, I’d load up my team with them to take on the Elite Four!

Below is a image for Pokemon Fusion Generation. It is “Pokemon Fusion * MAX Generator” for Pokemon Generation 1.
Pokemon Fusion

Pokemon Fusion * MAX Generator